Travel Information - H

Visitors who have a medical condition requiring treatment should ensure they carry a letter from their doctor outlining their condition and the medication required.

This is also important if the drug is uncommon or contains narcotics, which may be a restricted import. Most medication is available in Australia, but only on a doctor's prescription. Prescription drugs are dispensed by qualified pharmacist at 'pharmacies' or 'chemist' shops. These also sell simple things such as headache pills, sunscreen lotions, personal hygiene and baby products, and so on but are sometimes more expensive than supermarkets for similar items. Most chemists don't open at night, so visitors should ensure they do not run out of vital medication.

Just a reminder about the Australian heat. The sun is powerful and heat exhaustion is not uncommon in Summer. Always take sunscreen, a hat and water with you!

Hunter Valley
A couple of hours north of Sydney is the Hunter Valley, a lush little area with great wineries, boutique accommodation and fine restaurants. It can be a rewarding day trip, but an overnight stay is recommended.