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There is no law requiring you to carry your passport, although some form of ID with a photograph can be handy if you want to cash travellers cheques, prove your signature or prove your age, and so on.

Provided you have a drivers licence or some form of 'official' photo ID such as a work security pass, leave your passport in the hotel safety deposit or your in-room safe. In the event of an accident it is wise to carry some form of identification in your wallet, purse or pocket together with the name of the hotel at which your staying or a friends or relative's address. Also include something which makes it clear if you have an illness which needs special drugs or you are allergic to life-saving substances like Penicillin.

As mentioned Australia's communications network is sophisticated and efficient. Internet cafes are very widespread, and can be found in all cities and larger and smaller towns and many hotels/hostels provide guests with email access.

These are amazing athletes who compete in endurance races at surf carnivals. It is possible that they were put on this planet simply to make women swoon and other men feel inadequate but surf carnivals are very much a part of beach culture and are a lot of fun for spectators.

There are too many island resorts to go into detail here, but the Queensland Islands offer a slice of tropical paradise whereas places like Kangaroo Island offer unspoiled nature and wildlife.

Travel Online has friendly staff that are there to assist in creating itineraries to suit your needs, available time and budget anywhere in Australia, obligation free. You will deal with an expert in whatever region you wish to travel to and that person will be your only contact to help make your vacation the best possible.