Travel Information - J

The Jabiru is Australia's only stork, found primarily in Queensland. They are beautiful white birds with glossy green-black heads, necks and tails and lower wings.

A jackaroo is a male apprentice on a sheep or cattle station (ranch), a jillaroo is the female equivalent. For the young and adventurous trainee positions are attainable - think a rugged, outback kibbutz.

Most jellyfish in Australia are harmless gelatinous creatures with umbrella like bodies and flowing tentacles. However, the box jellyfish, found in tropical Queensland, are extremely nasty. Called stingers they can inflict excruciating pain and even death from a single brush. In the wet season (November to April) they live off the coast and swimming is only advised in enclosed areas (most beaches have these). The good news is, these jellyfish are never found on the Great Barrier Reef itself so it is safe to swim, snorkel and dive there all year round. But, on the coast, observe the signs.

Being 'Down Under' on the other side of the world to many visitors, jet lag is pretty much unavoidable for those travelling in the "blunt" end of an aeroplane. (As opposed the "pointy" end - which generally houses pampered first and business class travelers!) However there are a few tips to help combat the effects. As tough as it may be, avoid alcohol and drink a lot of water or juice in flight, try to get some sleep en route and, prior to departure, get as much sun as possible. It will help the body adjust. Do NOT wear tight clothing and particularly tight socks as your feet will swell. Given the new data now also available on Deep Vein Thrombosis and if you have concerns, we suggest you see your medical practitioner for advice prior to departure, as if some simple rules are observed risk of DVT is extremely minimal. On arrival, try to slip into local time as quickly as possible (you could even try this before departure).

If you do arrive in daytime, avoid the temptation of having a snooze and fight the day until it is a respectable early evening local time to go to bed - you will wake up refreshed and in sync with local time. Another small tip - if you want a 'do nothing' day on arrival, plan to arrive on a Sunday when most things are closed or the opposite if you want to land and get straight into the action.