Travel Information - Q

Qantas is Australia's national airline (and one of the world's oldest and safest!) serving both the international and domestic markets. If cost/convenient departure or arrival times etc are all equal, consider Qantas as your preferred airline as your Australian 'experience' can begin as soon as you board the plane with a friendly 'g'day'.

Queensland is known as the Sunshine State and for good reason. Regions to choose from include the Gold Coast (glitzy, beaches, theme parks), the Sunshine Coast (Sun, surf, family fun), the Whitsundays (resorts, sailing, bareboat charters), the Island Resorts and the Great Barrier Reef and tropical North Queensland. The capital of Queensland is Brisbane. One slogan for Queensland is "beautiful one day, perfect the next".

Quokkas are curious little marsupials (small wallabies in fact) which are found in colonies in Western Australia (in particular on Rottnest and Bald Islands). Rottnest, incidentally, was so named because early Dutch explorers thought the island to be inhabited by rats or 'rotts'.